Cancer is the most uncertain medical condition that can strike without any warning. Hence we have tried to make a list of 10 important signs to pay attention to if you want to prevent cancer from becoming a terminal condition. A lot of people mistake cancer to be a disease but in fact, it is a medical condition.

Hence, people have this conception that there will be definite symptoms of cancer just like any other disease. But unfortunately, this is not the case with cancer. But yes there can be certain signs that might be indicative of what our body is experiencing. Here are the 10 early signs which can help you detect oral cancer in its early stages:

10. Is your throat usually this sore?

One might ignore it as a common cold. But then if the condition persists unnecessarily longer, one must visit a doctor. Usually, people in their early stages of oral cancer complain of feeling something stuck in their throats.

sore throat

Source: Dr Oz

09. Your jaw hurts when you move it:

If you cannot chew, swallow properly because every time you do it, your jaw hurts, you need to get immediate medical advice.

jaw hurts

Source: Manela Dental

08. You have a loose tooth for no obvious reason:

Either you may have one loose tooth or you have a lot of teeth that have become loose at the same. Both these conditions need to be paid attention to.

loose teeth

Source: Impressive Smile

07. Profuse bleeding inside your mouth: 

Bleeding is often the scariest sign but then it should not at all be ignored. Some might feel that it is their gums that have bled but then any kind of bleeding inside the mouth can be a sign of oral cancer.

bleeding inside your mouth

06. If you suddenly lose weight:

Losing weight all of a sudden is definitely not a healthy sign. If you experience rapid weight fluctuations, you need to talk to your doctor.

lose weight

05. You experience pain while swallowing:

Oral cancer patients experience extreme bouts of pain while swallowing. So new methods are devised for them to help them swallow without choking. Hence if you also have pain while swallowing, you might want to see yourself a doctor and explain him your problem.


04. Your voice has slightly changed:

These changes might be very small to notice. But then you will eventually feel that you are now talking in a different tone. If your speech pattern thus changes, you should not ignore it and should try to find out what triggered it because cancer can also be responsible for the same.

03. You have unexplained lumps in your neck:

Lumps are sometimes can be a strong sign of cancer. Hence, kindly pay the attention they deserve.

neck lump

Source: Brandon Hitchcock

02. You have unexplained lumps in your mouth:

These lumps cannot be ignored because the first thing they will cause you immense pain and difficulty. So it is better not to waste time and wait for them to get treated on their own. Lumps like these can also mean oral cancer.

01. You have developed ulcers in your mouth: 

The usual mouth ulcers will heal in no time, say within a couple of days. If it persists any longer than a week, you definitely need to visit a doctor.

mouth ulcer

Source: Youtube

Disclaimer: The information in this article is taken from different sources. Please don’t forget to see your doctor if you have any doubt. 

10 Early Symptoms of Mouth Cancer You Should be Aware of
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