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If you are looking for the best image editing tools, here is a list of top 10 image editors that you can use for your project.

Since the first camera was invented, images have always been an essential part of our lives, no matter which part of the world we may be living in.

And in a world that is obsessed with looks and beauty, everyone wants to look great, both in pictures as well as in real life. While it is a little difficult to improve your looks in real life, looking good in pictures can be quite easy and is just a click away.

Especially with social media becoming an integral part of everyone’s lives nowadays, beautiful and perfect images is something nobody can live without.

Images on social media are in the form of personal pictures, infographics, GIFs and so on. With so much focus being on images and that too good looking ones, it’s not surprising that the web is flooded with various apps and software that aim to help us in creating good-looking images.

Top Image Editors for Bloggers  


PicMonkey is an easy to use photo editor in your browser that can be used to edit pictures, create designs for social media images and create beautiful collages.

If you are using it for the first time, you can play with the tools without even uploading your own image as there is a sample gallery in the editor.

The PicMonkey blog is a fabulous read if you are looking for free guidance on how to go about with the editing!

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Everyone loves going through posts that incorporate beautiful quotes within them. But have you ever wondered what’s with those impressive images in which the quotes are written?

Recite is one of the most popular tools to turn quotes into masterpieces. With hundreds of visually appealing backgrounds to choose from, it’s a tool you should check out.

Recite Quote Image Editor

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The Piktochart tool centers around building great infographics which is an image that is a graphic visual representation of data or knowledge that one is trying to convey.

Infographics find extensive use in business meetings, surveys, articles etc. Piktochart is an app that can be used to create high-quality infographics without much effort.

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Yet another widely used photo editing platform for Android, iOS and web browsers is Aviary. Play with frames, filters and backgrounds to enhance the beauty of your photos and you will be amazed at the results. Aviary’s easy to access mobile application is also quite popular!

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A collage is one of the most popular ways to share an entire compilation of ideas or closely related images. Photovisi, an online collage maker, can help you create ready to share collages in a fast and easy way.

All you have to do is upload the images, select a collage design and you’re done. And there is no registration required!

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Logo Garden

Logos form an important part of the image family and Logo Graden is a free and easy to use tool for creating, you guessed it, logos.

The paid version offers more creative freedom and professional designs while in the free version you can choose from among existing layoutsQuite handy!

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Picture2Life is a versatile tool that can be used to create GIFs, edit images and create highly customizable collages. Like other image editors, Picture2Life too comes with a paid upgraded version but if you are an average user looking for a normal editing tool, most of the functions are free to use!

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GIFs are a great way to express a particular emotion or moment from a particular movie, cartoon or video. With the introduction of GIF gallery in popular messaging apps such as whatsapp, they are now becoming even more popular.

Giphy is the top source for getting latest gifs in store as well as to create your own.

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Simple Image Resizer

If you have been using images on social networking sites, you may have faced the issue of certain sites like Facebook or Instagram allowing only a certain image size limit.

Simple Image Resizer, true to its name, is a handy tool to turn to when you need to resize an image for social media.

All you have to is upload the image and enter the dimensions you require and it will be done!

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10 Best Image Editing Tools for Bloggers & Designers
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