Falling in love is easy; staying in love is the hard part. There are moments in life when your decisions are opposed by everyone; being in a long distance relationship is one such decision.

“It is incredibly difficult”, “You can’t sustain it”; from your friends to the family, everyone will probably advise you not to be in a long-distance relationship.

For most people, long distance relationships are totally not worth it as there are high chances that the distance, communication gaps, and misunderstandings may kill the relationship.

But looking beyond physical intimacy, long drives and late night movies, there is a vital factor that keeps a relationship going; the unshaken commitment to stay with your partner.

However, there are moments when you feel like falling apart and the desire to feel your loved one’s presence surpasses the joy of video calls and late night chats.

At those moments, here are a few points that will remind you why your long distance relationship is totally worth it:

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#1. You Really Value the Communication

Why Long Distance Relationships are Worth it

When you are miles away from your partner, even a single glimpse of their message on your phone brings you cheer. Communication is undoubtedly the most important aspect of a long distance relationship and you start to value it more when it is the thread that knots you with your partner.

#2. Traveling to Meet Your Partner

Traveling to Meet Your Partner

Travelling to meet your partner is one of the most wonderful moments for people in a long distance relationship. Waiting for that special day and planning trips with your partner has a level of excitement that never fades out with time.

#3. Gifting Becomes a Whole New Experience

Gifting Becomes a Whole New Experience in long distance relation

Planning gifts and surprises for your partner is always fun but it becomes magical when you try out innovative ways to make your special someone happy despite the distance. From sending handwritten letters to planning a surprise visit, your gifts become more valuable and memorable.

#4. It Makes You More Patient

Long distance relation Makes You More Patient

In our fast-paced world, a long distance relationship teaches you the art of patience like nothing else. You value your partner’s time and don’t fret over small issues with your partner as the desire to keep it going keeps you hitched.

Instead of creating unnecessary demands and expectations, you learn to adjust to situations and nurture the sapling of your love with patience.

#5. The Moments Spent Together Are More Memorable

The Moments Spent Together Are More Memorable

Every time you get a chance to spend some time with your partner, even regular stuff like eating together becomes more memorable.

From doing crazy things together to planning a special day, the memories you create with your partner become more cherished with time and strengthen your relationship.

#6. Your Trust Gets Cemented

Your Trust Gets Cemented

Being in love and being possessive go hand in hand. When your partner is miles away, your mind may wonder in the direction of jealousy; but the foundation of a long distance relationship is built on faith and trust on your partner.

You can’t keep an eye on your partner every time they go out and to overcome the fear of jealousy, you build an unshaken trust which makes your relationship stronger.

#7. You Get to Know Your Partner Better

You Get to Know Your Partner Better

Plenty of relationships are entered into and broken just because it was nothing more than an initial attraction. A long-distance relationship is made up of conversations and the communication between you and your partner is the only binding factor.

When the initial attractions like hanging out together, intimacy etc. are not present, your conversations become deeper and more meaningful.

A long distance relationship makes you know and understand your partner better and after a point of time, you both start knowing each other like no one else does. Quite Magical!

7 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships are Worth it
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