During the horrifying events of the dictatorship in Argentina, mass torture was done. Many were killed in the course of events and the worst babies were snatched from their mothers.

After the war (Dirty War) and the revolt were over, a couple of years later, Erika Lederer a human rights activist testified in court against one of the perpetrators of such cruelty.

This Woman wants her father to be punishedSource: buzzfeed.com

The only awkward aspect about this was that she testified against her own father. She says that she was banished from her own family as she gave away such great matters of secrecy.

However, she fights not for the legal point of view, but to let the state move on from such tragedy and also to legalize testimonies of children against her father.

She had to go through immense hardships as she was seen as a traitor to her family.

Until she met Analia Kalinec, was also a daughter of one of the perpetrators. She could not believe that her sweet father would do all this, later she was convinced that her father was, in fact, a cruel man during the ‘Dirty War’. These two women hung out together and talked about human rights and the war.

This Woman wants her father to be punishedSource: storiesflow.com

They slowly made a group of the children of right abusers and before you knew it the group included over 40 members. Lederer eventually left the group due to internal issues and she continued fighting for justice of all the disappeared people and their families. She thought that the state had covered up the details and attempts to alter history so it becomes in their favor.

She thinks that rebellion is one was one says no without renunciation and this is exactly which motivated her to go against her own father. It’s been 40 years and she still continues to heal the open wounds caused by the war.

Erika Lederer Wants Her Father to Be Punished, Here is Why
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