Pregnancy is such a life-changing period in women’s life. Expecting moms usually feel mixed emotions but excitement on top of these thinking that a new life will soon be in this world. But it cannot be denied that aside from the emotional aspects, pregnancy is also linked with physical concerns. Pregnant women struggle with several symptoms like being nauseous, peeing more often, carrying the added weight and the unsightly bodily changes.

Good thing is that, there are essential life hacks for pregnant women that help them deal with their situation well. These include the following:

#1. Eat Atomic Fireballs and Hot Tamales for Nausea

This is an essential life hack for pregnant women that sooth their nausea. Reproductive endocrinologist revealed that cinnamon is also an effective way of relieving symptoms of pregnancy.

Atomic Fireballs

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#2. Take Unisom to Overcome Nausea

Unisom is an over the counter pill that can help you overcome nausea without draining your wallet. This is completely effective and safe for pregnant women. However, if you need some relief in pinch taking Unisom with B6 is just like the diclegis and prescription is not needed. But it is suggested that pregnant women must talk with their doctor before trying this hack.


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#3. Use Physical Stimulation to Distract Yourself From Having to Urinate

Frequent urination is a common part of pregnancy period. This seems fine but not unless you are stuck in your car. If you feel the need the pee and yet you are inside your car, you can redirect your attention by using touch techniques. Divert your attention into your arm by slightly grazing your fingertips back portion across your arms. This touch technique helps in stimulating the nerve endings and releasing endorphins.

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#4. Put in Some Peppermint Essential Oil in the Toilet Bowl

Putting some peppermint oil in the toilet bowl is another essential life hacks for pregnant women. This technique can help women pee. So if you have trouble urinating, remember to put few drops of this essential oil into the toilet bowl. Peppermint oil is highly effective since its vapor help in dilating the urethra.


#5. Practice Some Relaxation Techniques Together with your Partner Before Bedtime

This is one of the essential hacks for women that deliver great benefits. Not only you can get a soothing massage and guided meditation, you also get the chance to bond with your partner.

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#6. Meditate Before You Eat

Your cravings when you are pregnant become out of control. But you need to eat right to control weight gain. Meditating before you eat helps you make healthier and smarter food choices during your pregnancy.


#7. Read Book During Exercise Time

Working out when you are pregnant is just fine. But if you find it challenging to start exercising, you can convince yourself by finding a book that you wanted to read for so long. This will surely encourage you to get going.

Read Book

#8. Relieve Anxiety by Taking Deep Breaths

There are inevitable instances that pregnant women find themselves worrying a lot. In such times, you can relieve your stress and anxiety by taking deep breaths. There are certain breathing techniques that women can follow to ensure stress-free pregnancy.

Deep Breaths

#9. Perform Pre-natal Core Exercises

It’s natural to feel pain during pregnancy, so to set yourself up for a smoother third trimester, you can consider performing pre-natal core exercises. These exercises also help prevent other common pregnancy problems.

Pre-natal Core Exercises

#10. Sing Test over Talk Test During Aerobic Exercise

Exercise experts revealed that sing test is more effective than talk test. Even by singing a simple song and inhaling between the lines can help you improve your body despite your bump.


10 Essential Life Hacks Every Pregnant Women Must Know
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