“The most powerful person in the world is a storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values, and agenda of an entire generation to come.” ~ Steve Jobs

A novel, a movie or someone narrating an experience; stories have been fascinating humans as long as we have existed on this earth. Ancient stories are still passed on by elders to their young; stories of good and bad, stories of valor, of love, of heartbreak and of betrayal!

As we grow old, we realize that the world is not made up of atoms, rather it is made up of tiny stories. Stories are our past, present, and future.

From bedtime folktales involving fairies and monsters to big fat books that transport us to an unknown world, from cartoon episodes to movie marathons; our lives revolve around stories!

Great stories are created by those who master the art of storytelling. Storytelling may involve simple narration of an already existing story or the creation of a whole new tale!

A great storyteller is able to capture the attention of the audience, keeping them on the edge throughout the story and leaving them mesmerized at the end.

You Too Can Become A Great Storyteller if You Put in The Right Effort and Follow These Useful Tips. Here Goes:

Delve Into the Story You’re Telling

Tips to become good story teller

No matter what kind of story you’re telling, try to feel the content of the story and immerse yourself in its spirit. As a storyteller, if you exhibit passion and exuberance, it is bound to catch the attention of your audience. Make the best use of expressions, actions and details to maintain this interest that you have managed to generate.

 Connect With the Audience

Story teller qualitiesWhat has been the reason behind the success of revered film-makers and authors? Simply the fact that they had the power to make their audience feel what they want them to feel.

Creating a bond with the audience is an essential part of storytelling. You must try to understand your audience and connect with them on a deeper level to make the story a success.

Your story’s connection with the thoughts and imagination of your audience will be the key to your becoming a better storyteller!

 Be as Vivid as Possible

How to become a good story tellerPeople love stories with vivid and colourful details. Being detailed helps in sparking their imagination and connecting with the context. Describe the surroundings, the atmosphere of the story in a creative manner.

However, you need to be really good with words because no one likes to hear phrases such as the river was flowing rapidly but most people will be impressed by reading or hearing phrases like ‘the water crashed on the rocks making sounds that have been heard for hundreds of years’.

Suspense- An Essential Ingredient

Play with the minds of your audience and spice up your tale with suspense. People love experiencing the thrill of unexpected events, no matter how subtle they are.

An expert tip; start with a mundane situation and introduce a sudden turn of events to instantly capture everyone’s attention!

Conclude With a Bang

How to become a good story tellerThe conclusion of a story determines its success more than anything else. A bland conclusion can absolutely ruin your efforts, thus the significance of the conclusion cannot be overemphasized.

It can be a comedy or a tragedy but it should be something that leaves the audience craving for more!

Remember, the world will never get enough of good stories! With a lot of flairs and a little bit of practice, you too can become a master storyteller. Your kingdom awaits!

How to Become a Better Storyteller?
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