Publick speaking has been a very important topic of discussion and the fear of public speaking is an equally popular topic of discussion.

If you are going through similar public speaking fear and want to overcome, this article will be very helpful for you.

How hard can it be to address a group of people?

Well, not that hard you might say sitting in front of the screen reading this! But when you are standing in front of a large group of people talking about something, you might have experienced what is known as the fear of public speaking.

Though this fear exists at different levels among different people, from extreme glossophobia to minor nervousness; it nevertheless does exist!

This fear of speaking in public has a primitive origin if looked into carefully. Symptoms like uneasiness, stomach knots, rapid breathing, stuttering, arise due to raised levels of adrenaline and creation of a fight or flight situation.

However, if one can conquer these fears or talk in biological terms, control the level of adrenaline, public speaking can become a rather enjoyable experience.

Here are 5 Tips that Can Help You Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking:


Practice, Practice, and Practice

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Public speaking is an art that can be perfected over time, with practice. And if you wish to improve, you’ve got to practice. You can rehearse aloud in front of the mirror and pay attention to your speed, voice, and style. You can practice in front of your family or friends to create a similar atmosphere as the final event.

The more you rehearse, the more confident you’ll get with your words and expression. This level of familiarity with your content will surely decrease your level of stress!

Try to Create Your Content

Ways to overcome public speaking fear

A speech or declamation that you prepare yourself, using your vocabulary and phrases is always a better choice than ready-made or plagiarized content.

Apart from providing familiarity, it is easy to get well versed with content that has been self-created as it is composed of your own words.

Keep the vocabulary simple, yet creative and try to memorize your expressions by heart which will help you in engaging your audience better.

Use the ‘Pause’ to Your Advantage

Tips to overcome public speaking fear

One common mistake all nervous public speakers make and which distinguishes them from charismatic orators is speaking too fast. Taking short pauses and deep breaths help in maintaining a good rhythm while talking, which is the key to impressing your audience.

When you stop for a while, the brain will get time to recall the lines, and you’ll get a chance to relax. In the meantime, you can process how well you’ve done so far, boosting your confidence to keep up the good work.

Be careful of taking long pauses though, which can be taken as a sign of your inability to speak well!

Try Conversing with the Audience

Fear of public speaking tips

If you have ever seen a great public speaker at work, you might have noticed how well they can engage the audience they address! Add elements of humor in your speech and switch between formal and informal expressions to recapture everyone’s attention. Common mistakes to avoid include not being condescending and not trying to be overly funny.

Once the audience is engaged and impressed, they will be kind enough to ignore any minor glitches in your speech. This will also assist you in relaxing and enjoying your address.

Learn from Your Past Experiences

Public speaking expertNot everyone is a born expert when it comes to public speaking. There have been some great public speakers and orators in the world (like Barack Obama or Winston Churchill), but they too learned public speaking with years of practice.

You have to be your critic and recognize your shortcomings. Gradually, you’ll be able to revel in your public speaking skills. Remember, there is no such thing as the perfect public speaker and if someone says they have never been even a little nervous in such a situation; they are probably lying!

It’s not just you and me, probably every person sometime or the other has been uneasy while addressing an audience.

Some eminent celebrities have admitted to being glossophobic at some point in their lives or other. But now, when you see them, hear them, you cannot believe that they must have faced any such problems. And that’s because they have overcome their fear of public speaking. You can, too!

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Public Speaking Fear

5 Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking
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