You must have seen travelers collecting passport stamps, mementos, fridge magnets and photographs to honor their travel diaries. But have you met someone who wanted to treasure their stories forever in forms of body art?

Today we have collected a list of 20 mesmerizing travel tattoo ideas that you will instantly fall in love with.


This girl has got the entire world map on her back. The color of the ink looks perfect on her. She definitely inspires us to get a tattoo done.


This man has wonderfully portrayed his love for flying with this amazing tattoo.


Here is another wonderful tattoo idea for all of you who loves traveling. Getting the tattoo of a place that you have explored in and out can be an inspiration for many.


This one is my favorite. This person surely wants to keep her wonder lust alive.


This tattoo is an epic portrayal of the adventure this girl wants in her life.


This girl surely wants her wandering soul to cover every part of this beautiful map.


Another travel junkie here with an amazingly inspiring tattoo.


Compass Tattoos are popular among people all over the world. But have you seen one so cute?


This guy clearly succeeds in making his point clear.


Isn’t this another fantastic portrayal of her desires?


This tattoo is yet another stunning depiction of a traveler’s wanderlust.




Look how inspiring this tattoo is. The Just Go is a perfect match for the entire concept.


Flying is all that he probably wants to be doing. How beautifully it has been said.


Another brilliant tattoo idea that you can think about having if you are a traveler.


Check out this one. Can it be any better?

20 Travel Tattoo Ideas for Anyone Obsessed With Travelling
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