Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that has been becoming more and more popular throughout the world. More than 20 million people in the USA practice at least some form of yoga.

With a change in lifestyles and rising obesity, yoga has become an efficient way to lose excess fat.

With yoga, you can reduce your weight naturally and what’s more, it can be practised by people of all ages. If you want quick results, here are some ideas to lose weight faster.

If you too want to lose weight quickly, then here are 8 yoga poses that can help you do so:

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Yoga Poses to Lose Weight

#1. Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)

Surya NamaskarThe Surya Namaskar is a well-known asana that includes a series of 12 yoga poses. It helps to avoid fat buildup and improves digestion and is one of the best ways to keep your body fit. Other benefits include strengthening the skeletal system and ligaments along with reducing stress and anxiety. Definitely recommended!

#2. Yoga Warrior Pose


Also known as the Veerabhadrasana, the warrior pose is a great pose that can help you reduce your weight within a few days. The warrior pose can strengthen your thighs, arms, shoulders and back muscles, all at the same time. Further, this pose is also beneficial for people who are suffering from back problems. Perform this asana 2-3 times on both sides for the best results.

#3. Upward Plank


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The upward plank or the Purvottanasana is one of the more difficult asanas but the benefits much outweigh the effort involved. The asana is highly useful for your shoulders, back, legs, spine, and wrists and for your respiratory system. Along with providing core strength to our body, it strengthens the inner thigh muscles as well as hips, so that your body retains less fat.

#4. Cobra Pose


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The cobra pose or the Bhujangasana is practised in order to burn excess belly fat. It helps in eliminating toxins from your body and also strengthens your upper body along with improving your digestive system. Add to this the flexibility it provides to your spine and you have one of the best yoga asanas. Practice it early morning to reap maximum benefits.

#5. Bow Pose


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Also called the Dhanurasana, this pose is a little difficult to practice but is one of the best yoga poses if you are looking to stretch your whole body. The bow pose speeds up your body’s digestion process and provides relief from problems such as constipation. It also supports the abdominal core and is quite helpful in reducing weight along with being an effective belly massage.

#6. Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose

Image Source: Yoga Journal

The triangle pose is also known as Trikonasana. For a single pose, the triangle pose has an extra long list of benefits. Firstly, this pose is one of the best for burning fat and highly recommended for those who are fighting obesity. Secondly, it stretches and strengthens the core muscles of our body. Thirdly, it is also employed to tone legs, arms, and abdominal organs and as a cure for infertility, neck pain and sciatica. Fourthly, it is helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. Lastly, it also stimulates the function of the kidney. Need we say more?

#7. Tree Pose

Tree Pose

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This yoga pose for weight loss is also helpful in strengthening the heart. Also called the Tadasana, it makes the body more flexible and strengthens the ligaments and tendon of the feet. Also helpful in achieving balance and stability in the legs. Stand tall!

#8. Yoga Chair Pose

Yoga Chair Pose

Image Source: Yoga Journal

The name yoga chair pose or Utkatasana is quite a powerful pose (the word utkata itself means intense or powerful). It involves sitting on a chair and helps in balancing the body and tones the ankle, thigh, knee and leg muscles. Further, it can also strengthen the lower back and torso.

Have any of these asanas helped you to lose weight? Let us know in the comments!


8 Yoga Postures That Will Help You Lose Weight Faster
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